1. Books with Co-Investing

Our Schoolbook Program has three starting points:

1) Every school should have at least 2 books per child.

2) From every subject at least one book must be available per 2 children

3) Our contribution lowers per year, giving more and more responsibility to the local community. The community contribution is as follows:

Year 1: 15% / Year 2: 30% / Year 3: 50%

Imagine a school with 300 students. To be able to buy enough books (minimum of 600 books), they need a large sum of money at once; the starting capital. This is for all rural communities impossible and only a dream. We subsidize during 3 years, in which the beneficiaries are coached in collecting their share. After three years they have reached their full potential and to top it all of, we leave the school with enough books to come by for the next 5 years.