Council Babessi fourth partner in Cameroon with 4 schools!

October 24, 2016



In January 2017, Knowledge for Children will start working with four new schools. These schools are supported by Babessi Council (Ngoketunjia division).

The Council and Knowledge for Children signed a partnership agreement enabling these four new schools to join our programs. The Council and Knowledge for Children will both contribute half of the costs of the program in the schools. The parents will still contribute their own percentage following our co-investment model. For the next three years, these schools will benefit from all our activities.

The Mayor will discuss possibilities to have more schools to benefit from this program with the Councillors within the next few weeks. These schools could then start their program in September 2017.

Nkambe Council together with Councils Nkor en Ndu first partners of Knowledge for Children Cameroon with 17 schools!

‘When I was younger, I always wanted to be the Head Teacher of a school. But they never made me the Head Teacher!’ The Lord Mayor of Nkambe Council, Mr. Ngabir Paul Bantar used to be a teacher and still highly values education.

Officially partners now. Signed by the Lord of Nkambe, the 4th Deputy Major and Country Director KforC

Official partnership signed by the Lord Mayor of Nkambe, the 4th Deputy Major and Country Director KforC

This has led to the signing of a partnership agreement between Knowledge for Children Cameroon and the Nkambe Council on Friday the 13th May 2016. Nkambe Council is the first Council to officially sign a partnership agreement with Knowledge for Children, to work together with the organisation to improve the quality of education in the primary schools in the municipality.

Nkambe Council supports Knowledge for Children to add eight schools to her program. The Council worked with the Inspectorate for Basic Education in Nkambe to select eight schools with active communities, which can benefit from the Knowledge for Children Program.

According to the agreement, Knowledge for Children Cameroon will execute her normal program in the schools. This means the Parents-Teacher-Association (PTA) will be strengthened, teachers will be trained, textbooks will be provided in co-investment and ‘reading for fun’ activities will be executed. The Council supports Knowledge for Children with 1,500,000 CFA (almost € 2.300) per school.

The two partners also agreed to work together to benefit other teachers, pupils and parents, for example through sensitization of the population during events and additional teacher training.

Group picture: all the cooperating parties together

Group picture: all the cooperating parties together

Knowledge for Children Cameroon is looking forward to a fruitful collaboration with the Nkambe Council and the schools involved!

We are happy to announce that good example does follow. May 18th we also signed an agreement with Nkor Council. Two primary education schools will be financially supported by the Council, to be able to participate in our program.