Teachers make our lessons fun!

May 19, 2016

Emmanuele Mukia (Program Assistent KforC Cameroon) interviewed pupils in the 4th, 5th and 6th class to find out what the impact of Knowledge for Children is in their schools. Blessing, an 11 year old girl expresses her satisfaction. “Knowledge for Children has done a great job to our school. Our ..

The Story of Government School Nkeng

February 1, 2016

Government School Nkeng was created in 1990 with two classes and two teachers. One of these teachers was professionally trained and employed by the government while the other was untrained and employed by the PTA. Most parents, including mine were peasant farmers. It was a great pride for any of ..

I believe in the power of strong local communities

February 1, 2016

” I believe in the power of strong local communities” As a retired inspector of Basic Education in Cameroon I have seen a lot of schools especially in rural areas. I have spoken with many parents about the dreams they have for their own children, for them to have a ..